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Official launch of PG II PROJECT in Musanze Prison (05 February 2019)

The Diocese of Byumba

 Official launch of PG II PROJECT in Musanze Prison

05 February 2019 


The OXFAM/CARITAS BYUMBA/RCS team that attended the official launch of Oxfam-PGII_ Caritas Byumba Diocese project was composed of different members representing the following organization: CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF BYUMBA, OXFAM RWANDA and RCS. The guest of honour to this Launch was the Minister of Justice and Attorney General Busingye Johnston.  The present report contains the speeches and recommendations of the team’s to PGII project beneficiaries and the local government and the general Rwandan population. The team started cutting the ribbon on the establisher chasses of VTC in Musanze Prison and interacted with inmates participating in tailoring and hair dressing vocational training.

The Commissioner General of Rwanda Correctional Services CGP George Rwigamba said that the beneficiaries of this project will be given startup toolkits upon completing their term of imprisonment. CGP Rwigamba said also they are working to unveil the same project in the remaining prison in near future.



From last Tuesday 5th,2019, Women and juvenile inmates from Musanze and Nyagatare Prisons have reason to smile after the launch of a three-year project that seeks to empower them economically in the pre-and post-release process programme initiated by Catholic Diocese of Byumba and its partners. The end aim of the designated project is to contribute to Greater women and youth economic empowerment in targeting 2,000 former inmates from both aforesaid prisons.

Through the scheme called, ‘Rwanda Market oriented Programme phase 2(PGII)’.

The positive outcome of this project is that when former inmates re-enter society without marketable skills, a domino effect occurs that often times leads to new offenses and breaking the cycle, relies on becoming a productive member of society through gainful employment, being able to support oneself is beneficial financially and mentally as the project will deal with inmates from Musanze prison for women and Nyagatare juvenile prison, by providing them “the psycho-social support as well as hands on skills within prison and as all you know the perception of our societies  towards person newly re-entering society from prison without the self-esteem and fulfillment that can help him/her to  play a big role in lessening criminal behavior and the goal of this project is to provide rehabilitation facilities to inmates that will help them consider new hands-on skills and new insight into their goals and motivations to continues throughout their inmates’ life, even after they have left the prison. Adjusting to life after prison successfully has many variables. Having a support system within and after prison in the community helps an ex-offender stay an ex-offender. That is why the Catholic Diocese of Byumba together with partners will continue to implement this project to enable the inmates’ with marketable skills which can be useful after prison through integration process into the communities throughout the country. From pilot prisons of Musanze for women and Nyagatare for Juvenile, to the other prisons around the country, even if the budget constraint still at large a problem to this project, as said Father Augustin Nabonimana.


The Inmates welcomed the project, saying it would help them to live a dignity life while reintegrating in their respective families.

“Most of the time many people return to prison as a result of committing crimes connected to lacking employment after being released,” said Domitille Mukankuranga, an inmate beneficiary of tailoring v0cation training in Musanze Prison.

The OXFAM Rwanda country representative, Madame UWASE Alice Anukur “called the private sectors to be involved in such project which support government institutions to achieve their mandates while for Oxfam reintegration of vulnerable women and youth it’s one of its core value and Oxfam will continue supporting those in needs by providing the startup kits to the beneficiaries of the Programme.”

“God teach us through His word: “All that we need is that people live in harmony by helping each other in their day-to-day lifestyle as the gospel asks us, we want this project to help people respect the virtues which promote social cohesion not only in the prisons but also within our families that is why at the first pace of this project focuses on women and juveniles because they face hardship in reintegrating into their families after serving their sentences and two vocational training centers for tailoring and dressing were unveiled at Musanze Prison to facilitate the female inmates acquire hands on skills while juvenile inmates from Nyagatare prison have started with Welding, Hair cutting and supported the existing vocational training of tailoring, carpeting and construction.” Said Bishop Servilien NZAKAMWITA

The governor of Northern Province in his speech congratulated Catholic Diocese of Byumba and partners for this innovative project which local government sees as the key to achieve its goal of a country without crime. Empowering women and youth will increase family productivities at society level as well as to the Gross Domestic productivity (GDP) of the country which will lead to the sustainable development and poverty alleviation. He furthermore called the actors to also educate the inmates different government programmes aimed the wellbeing of Rwandan like horticulture in order to fight against malnutrition in children, he even ordered the district agronomist to be available whenever the RCS or to any other partners in this regards.

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General Busingye Johnston as the guest of honor launched this Tuesday 5th Febraury 2019, a project of empowering females and youth inmates who are about to complete their sentence in Musanze prison which focuses on mental health care and hands on skills training regarding Rwanda market oriented programmes.

The project is being implemented through the cooperation between OXFAM, Catholic Diocese of Byumba and Rwanda Correctional Services.

The Minister Busingye told inmates that the project is not only aiming to teach them hands on skills but also giving them chance to live happily in crime free conditions. “The current launched project does not only aim to teach you, hands on skills like hair braiding and suing clothes, rather it will also give you third chance of changing your lives into a crime free living conditions”.

 “A crime free country or a country which fights crimes in all possible ways is the one that suits Rwandans. We request all of you to do your best to become those people who always sensitize your fellow citizens to avoid committing any kind of crime once you complete your sentence and you are released. The country needs your efforts for its development” He added.


The Minister of Justice and Attorney General appreciated stakeholders’ efforts especially Byumba Catholic Diocese and its sponsor OXFAM who took the lead to care for inmates’ mental health and provide training on hands on skills for women and youth in Musanze Prison and Nyagatare Juvenile prison so that they can go back in the community with needed confidence to live and sustain their families.

 The delegates with inmates of Musanze prison closed the event by tradition dance.


            By   Father Jean Marie Vianney DUSHIMIYIMANA

                    Director of CARITAS BYUMBA.

Written : 2019-03-06 18:07:32
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