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EFA Nyagahanga formally known as “Ecole Feminine d’Agronomie”is an aided government school belonging to the catholic Diocese of Byumba. It started in 1976 with Agriculture option. The school was admissible for girls, reason why it has been called Ecole Feminine (Feminine school)

Despite this designation, today, the school is no longer for female students only; it has become a mixed school where both boys and girls are allowed to attend lessons in Agriculture and veterinary options.  Until 1994, the school was headed by the sisters Sours de Marie de Pittem –Belgique. 


30 km from RUKOMO centre (Gicumbi District), EFA NYAGAHANGA is located in GATSIBO District, GATSIBO Sector, NYAGAHANGA Parish,BYUMBA Diocese.


To be the leading school, providing moral and intellectual  training that results to quality citizens of high morals, through the following four pillars: wisdom,  science,  commitment (work) and progress.


EFA Nyagahanga is a catholic secondary school where catholic education is based on the following three pillars:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Faith
  3. Moral

Taking into account both catholic teaching and National Education Politics, the school values are “science, wisdom, commitment and progress.

Therefore, EFA Nygahanga mission can be defined in these two issues/points

  1. To produce qualified professionals need for socio-economic development of the country,in agricultural techniques ,focusing on scientific competences especially in transformation and conservation technology.
  2. To give training of quality in Agriculture and veterinary options and to make the students acquire necessary competences which will help them become useful to themselves and to the whole country, through initiation to research associated with current technology.

Specific objectives

  1. Ameliorate the enrolment and accessibility to secondary studies.
  2. Increase education quality so as improves students ‘yield.
  3.  Promote equality in secondary education.
  4. Reinforce science and technology.
  5. Improve agronomists’ technical skills to support farming and agriculture.
  6. Provide good education that will make A’ Level certificated of EFA  Nyagahanga have patriotic values, and high commitment for success in their lives.
  7. Reinforce spiritual and human values.
  8. Increase the school incomes



Outstanding performance.

School facilities

  • -  Dining room
  • -  Two dormitories
  • -  School hall
  • -  A chapel
  • -  A cinema room


Every student participates in sports. We do practice sports such us football, basketball, handball, volleyball and athletic sports.

Music dance and drama

Most of our students participate in music dance and the school has a traditional music troupe.


Classrooms, dormitories, halls, administration building including teachers’ staff room, toilets, accommodation for all our teachers.


The school carries out a lot of activities like teaching, farming which includes cows, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits chickens, etc..

The school cultivates wide varieties of crops like sweet potatoes, bananas, maizes, Irish potatoes and legumes.

Written : 2015-09-16 19:44:35
Published by : Diocese Byumba

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