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  • Tariki ya 26 Werurwe 2018

    Recollection des prêtres
  • Tariki ya 27 Werurwe 2018

    Messe Chrismale
  • Tariki ya 20 Mata 2018

    Réunion du Conseil Pastoral du Diocèse
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    Pèlerinage diocésain à Kibeho
  • Tariki ya 04 Kamena 2018

    Réunion du Conseil des affaires économiques

Diocese Byumba

Welcome to Byumba Diocese website

The Diocese of Byumba

Praise the Lord!
Welcome to the Byumba Diocese website! We publish the catholic faith, aiming the salvation of souls.

This website comes with a large range of prepared topics concerning church activities in various domains such as evangelisation, liturgy, catechism, ethycs, education, spirituality, culture, development, finance, etc.

To attain our goals, we work in an hierarchical system under the Pastor authority, such the Bishop can reach people through parishes activities, and specific institutions that have been briefly presented here.

Enjoy and meet here our Saviour Jesus Christ, the Truth, the Way and the Life.

H.E Lord Servilien NZAKAMWITA,
the Bishop of the diocese of Byumba

Written : 2015-09-13 13:19:28
Published by : Diocese Byumba

Saints and Readings
March 22, 2018


Deograsiyasi (452)


Leya (384)

Catechism and Spirituality
Liturgical Calendar
Icyumweru cya 5, Igihe cy'Igisibo
Umwaka B, Imbangikane
Kuwa kane, kwambara isine
Isomo rya 1 : Intg 17,3-9
Kuzirikana : Zab 105 (104)

Ivanjili : Yh 8,51-59.
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