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Quick Overview

The Saint Patron of the Parish of Nyarurema is "Francois d'Assise et Claire". It was founded in the year 1986 and is located in the Deanery of Nyagatare.

The Parish of Nyarurema has 5 stations and 2 branches, it consists of 138 basic ecclesial communities.

Statistics from the year 2014 indicate that the Parish of Nyarurema has a total population of 69550 inhabitants, among them 39834 Catholic Christians, or 57.27% of the population. Among Catholic Christians there are 34357 baptized and 5477 catechumens.

Saints and Readings
September 21, 2018


Matayo intumwa

Umunsi mukuru usanzwe >> Ef 4,1-13 ;Mt 9,9-13
Catechism and Spirituality
Liturgical Calendar
Mutagatifu Matayo, Intumwa, Igihe gisanzwe
Umwaka B, Imbangikane
Ku ya 21 Nzeli, kwambara umutuku
Isomo rya 1 : Ef 4,1-7.11-13
Kuzirikana : Zab 19 (18)

Ivanjili : Mt 9,9-13.
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